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Here at Just Money UK we offer support in various forms to business’ across the North East. Whilst the service we offer is second to none it’s not just you that we can help, we also offer services to help out your various clients. In this blog we are going to be discussing just some of the ways in which we can assist you by helping your clients.


If your client is in need of a loan but you haven’t got the resources to find a suitable option, we’re on hand to help. As an intermediary you’ll have the advantage of being able to speak to one of our team at short notice, plus we work with a large network of lenders so can work to find the best possible deal based on your client’s needs and circumstances.

Business Review

If your client’s financial needs are particularly complex, we can offer a full business review to assess their situation. This review will include looking at a range of areas including funding and grants to cost cutting and credit control. This will give us the opportunity to advise both you and your client accordingly before any next steps are taken.

Changing Banks

It could be the case that your client has expressed concerns about the bank they are currently with. If it seems that your client’s business is being negatively impacted by their bank, we can step in and offer advice about which bank would be best for them. We can also then carry out the negotiation process to find a new deal with a bank suited to their everyday business needs.

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