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More and more people are looking into buy-to-let as a great investment opportunity, but do you know exactly what is involved? In this blog we go over some points you might not have taken into consideration!

Which Property Is Perfect for You?
When looking into Buy-To-Let you need to understand what works best for you. There may be lots of properties available in your local area, but will they provide you with the best yield over time?
Take into consideration locations that will be attractive to tenants, the property as a whole and if there are many prospective tenants in the local area.

Read Over the Fine Print
There are many hidden costs and fine print which you may overlook whilst doing your research, this could be the potential maintenance fees of the property, annual mandatory checks such as electrical and safety plus your responsibility to your tenants.
If you are vetting and managing the property and tenants yourself, you need to make sure you have all the correct insurance and have plans in place if anything was to go wrong.

Getting the Perfect Buy-To-Let Mortgage
Buy-To-Let mortgages are essential for any Landlords who are looking to buy a property to rent out. They are similar to normal mortgages but have different terms which need to be considered.
Here at Just Money UK we have a range of professional advisers to help you through the minefield that is Buy-To-Let mortgages. Plus, we also have a selection of top lenders that can match your mortgage needs.
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