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30+ Years Experience

30+ Years Experience


The Director of the Company, Claire Larsen, has more than 30 years' experience in lending and debt solutions.

Independent Mortgage Advice

Independent Mortgage Advice


We offer first class mortgage advice built around your needs and specifications.

FCA Regulated

FCA Regulated


We are an FCA regulated body which means we are professional and financial advisors you can trust.


Just Money UK

Just Money UK Ltd was formed to help both private individuals and small business clients through the minefields and mazes associated with borrowing money. We offer financial advice and mortgage advice in Darlington, Newton Aycliffe, Middlesbrough, and the North East.

Whatever your needs; whether you are seeking funding for consolidation of debt, home improvements, business funding, paying the taxman, or for any legal purpose whatsoever, we can offer advice and funding options to help you.

Just Money UK Ltd
  • Just Business'Just Business' is the division of 'Just Money' dedicated entirely to helping small to medium sized businesses in all aspects of their operations.
  • Just Loans'Just Loans' is the division of 'Just Money' dedicated to sourcing the best loan facility available from our extensive panel of lenders.
  • Just ApplyIf you would like an adviser to contact you regarding any of our services, please submit the 'no obligation' form below.
  • Just IntermediariesJust Money UK Ltd have a large network of intermediaries who use our services for their clients.

Asked Questions

An Interest Only mortgage is a mortgage where only interest is serviced by payments each month. Therefore, the balance remains the same throughout the mortgage term, and at the end of the term, you will owe the same amount as when the mortgage started. These types of mortgage are not generally recommended these days, with the exception of buy-to-let mortgages and business purpose mortgages.
For arranging a mortgage, there will be certain fees which are payable. The only fees which are usually needed to be paid up front are the Application Fee and Valuation Fee. Full details of fees payable will always be provided in our Initial Disclosure Document
Just Money have hundreds of mortgage lenders to choose from on their panel, and you may be surprised to learn that many products are now available for clients with poor credit histories at very reasonable rates
We have a full range of mortgages available, and they all vary on the deposit required depending on your circumstances. However, it is likely that you will need at least 5% of the property purchase price available as a deposit.
Let-to-Buy is a term used when someone has decided to move out of their current mortgaged property to buy a new property, but have decided to rent out the existing property to tenants, rather than sell it. We would raise the deposit for the new purchase on the property to be let in this instance.
A second charge mortgage, previously known as a ‘Secured Loan,’ is an alternative way of raising funds on a property you own which already has a mortgage on it. Instead of applying for a ‘re-mortgage,’ you would raise the required funds with a different lender, and keep your existing first charge mortgage
A Buy-to-Let mortgage is a mortgage on a property which is specifically purchased for letting purposes.
Just Money offer hundreds of mortgage products specifically for the purpose of paying off existing loans and credit. These can be on a first or second charge basis
Although using a mortgage for Debt Consolidation will reduce your monthly payments, often quite substantially, you need to be aware that this will increase the length of time taken to repay the debt, and the overall cost of the interest on the debt may be higher in the long run. Additionally, if you are repaying unsecured credit using a mortgage, you are converting unsecured debt to secured debt, and your home will then be at risk if you subsequently fall behind on payments.
Just Money specialise is assisting clients in current insolvency situations to pay off these debts. We have a panel of lenders who will assist us in clearing these debts. You will need a solicitor to act for you in these matters

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"We are very happy with the service as it has taken a lot of stress from our family situation, and is helping us regain control over our finances." (AC, Stockton On Tees, September 2015)
"Just Money UK Limited offer a fantastic service. They off a quality peace of mind solution to our personal circumstances. It is hassle free, and very affordable. We now have no worries or financial strain from one year to the next. Thank you. We would just like to say a very big personal thank you to Claire Larsen for all of her help during our time with Just Money UK." (GT, Durham, April 2015)

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